Water Purification Solutions Indonesia

The team at WPS are here to service all your clean water needs. Whether you are looking for a new system or to upgrade your current filtration system in your home or villa we can provide clean drinkable water from all the water sources in your home

With our innovative filters and purifiers our systems clean and sanitise your plumbing system so you can say goodbye to bathroom and kitchen odors and have the security of monthly monitoring 

WPS can also provide solutions for new residential developments, multi villa units, bars, restaurants’, cafés and spas.

Our sustainable solutions also help save our environment by eliminating the need for single use plastics, minimizing your carbon footprint for your businesses, and saving you lost time from employee sickness and the need for stock control.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with advanced cleaning and hygiene sterilization formulations and filtration technology to ensure delivery of clean water to you home, villa, business, or property development.

WPS has extensive experience and knowledge which allow us to enhance our customers satisfaction through continuous improvement of our business practices in terms of safety, quality, services, delivery, and environmental protection.

With WPS you can rest easy knowing you are taking control of your wellness by drinking and living with optimized water free from dirt and bacteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Water provided by government or private suppliers in Bali are supplied from a range of sources including rivers or reservoirs. Often these water sources are contaminated with heavy metals, agricultural run-off and urban contamination.

It is estimated that up to 35% of water infrastructure in Bali is either broken or leaking meaning even if the water source supplies clean water you water can be affected by animal and human waste,  contributing to the spread of gastointestal infections (“Bali Belly”)

A bore or deep well is usually considered to be a safer option for clean water but your water quality may change with weather events (floods, draughts), possibly affected by neighbouring broken or leaking septic tanks. Pesticides and agricultural waste can also contaminate your well. Unless you are frequently testing the water quality you may find your water quality compromised.

A basic system for your home or villa is approx. 25M installed.

We guarantee our filters for 3 years, the only maintenance required will be a monthly top up of our organic purifier which is handled by our friendly service team.

When our service team calls to top up your dosing machine, we also provide a complimentary on-site water test, the results will be included with your monthly invoice. 

WPS can also provide 24-hour monitoring and lab tests for an additional fee.

YES! Our system will save you 80% on your total water bills if you are having to buy bottled water.

WPS has 1-, 2- and 5-year agreements. We take care of the installation, maintenance, and dosing requirements all for a small monthly fee.

Our standard system can service up to 10 villas.

With an inclusion of an additional BWRO or SWRO system even if you live on the coast, we can provide safe and clean drinking water wherever you need it.

Along with our individual filtration systems, we can assist with wastewater and water storage solutions during the design phase. Avoiding costly mistakes later by getting it right from ground (water) up.

Our purification system is perfect for a smaller cafes and restaurant’s. For larger scale operations we can install an onsite bottling plant and ice machines.

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